Ontario Arrows Unveil Coaching and Support Team for the 2018 Rugby Season

Ontario Arrows Unveil Coaching and Support Team for the 2018 Rugby Season

The Ontario Arrows Rugby Club is excited to introduce our full roster of coaching and support staff for the 2018 season. With a strong blend of returning experts and new faces, our team is poised for a standout season in the competitive rugby scene.

Introducing Our 2018 Team Leaders

Head Coach: Michael Baker

  • Coach Baker is back to lead the Arrows with his extensive experience and strategic insight. His leadership has been pivotal in crafting a team that’s as strategic as it is dynamic.

Assistant Coach: James Rodriguez

  • Focusing on the offensive line, Coach Rodriguez will continue to refine our attack strategies, enhancing speed and accuracy to boost our scoring capabilities.

Defensive Coach: Sarah Thompson

  • A newcomer to our staff, Coach Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge in defensive tactics that will strengthen our team’s defensive plays and overall resilience.

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Alex Harper

  • Coach Harper will once again be vital in developing our players’ physical fitness and stamina, ensuring the team’s peak performance throughout the season.

Physiotherapist: Dr. Emily Stanton

  • Dr. Stanton is on board to manage player health and recovery. Her expert medical support is crucial for maintaining player fitness and rapid recovery from injuries.

Team Manager: Oliver Grant

  • Managing the day-to-day team logistics, Oliver Grant ensures that everything from travel to game day logistics is flawlessly executed.

Performance Analyst: Kevin Zhao

  • Joining us this season, Kevin Zhao will use data analytics to sharpen our strategies and provide insights that will help customize our training and game plans.

A Word from the Coach Head Coach Michael Baker shared his thoughts on the season ahead: “With such a skilled group of coaches and support staff, I’m more confident than ever in our team’s ability to excel. We are all driven by a common goal to win and excite our fans with top-tier rugby.”

Season Outlook Armed with a formidable coaching team and dedicated support staff, the Ontario Arrows are well-equipped for the upcoming challenges of the 2018 season. We are enthusiastic about our team’s prospects and eager to deliver exciting rugby performances for our fans.

Keep up with the Arrows by following our website and social media for real-time updates, match schedules, and behind-the-scenes content throughout the season. Let’s get behind the Arrows as we aim for a season of great achievements and memorable moments!