Rugby 101: Your Introductory Guide to Rugby

Your Introductory Guide to Rugby

Presented by the Ontario Arrows Rugby Club, this beginner’s guide is perfect for those new to rugby or anyone looking to refresh their understanding of the game’s fundamentals. Dive into the exhilarating world of rugby and discover what makes this sport so captivating.

Understanding the Game

Rugby is celebrated for its blend of physical prowess, strategic depth, and team cohesion. Played with two teams of fifteen players each, the goal in rugby is simple: score more points than your opponent. This can be achieved through tries, conversions, penalty kicks, and drop goals.

How Scoring Works

  • Try (5 points): Earned by grounding the ball in the opponent’s goal area.
  • Conversion (2 points): A kick awarded after a try, scored by kicking the ball between the goalposts and over the crossbar.
  • Penalty Kick (3 points): Granted for various fouls by the opponent, scored in the same manner as a conversion.
  • Drop Goal (3 points): Scored by a drop kick through the goalposts during general play.

Basic Rules and Terms

  • Passing: Players may pass the ball backward or sideways; forward passes result in a turnover.
  • Tackling: Players can tackle the ball carrier but only below the shoulders. The tackled player must release the ball, leading to a ruck.
  • Ruck: A phase of play where players from both teams, on their feet, vie for the ball on the ground.
  • Maul: Happens when the ball carrier and at least one player from each team bind together, without the ball touching the ground.
  • Lineout: This restarts play after the ball goes out of bounds on the sides, with players from each team competing to catch the ball thrown in from the sideline.
  • Scrum: A way to restart play after minor infractions, featuring eight players from each team who bind together and push against each other to gain possession of the ball.

Match Duration

Rugby matches are divided into two 40-minute halves, with a brief intermission. The clock may be stopped for various reasons, such as injuries or the ball going out of play, ensuring each half is as close to 40 minutes of active play as possible.

Get Involved

Interested in experiencing more? Attend an Ontario Arrows game or participate in one of our fan events. Our club offers a variety of ways to get involved, from spectator to active participant, enriching your connection with the sport and community.

We hope this guide serves as a helpful introduction to the sport of rugby. Stay tuned to the Ontario Arrows for more rugby insights, live match updates, and details on how you can dive deeper into the thrilling world of rugby. Experience the excitement firsthand at one of our upcoming games—join us to feel the rush of rugby live!