Delaney Walker

Delaney Walker Announces Retirement from Professional Rugby

Delaney Walker has made the decision to retire from rugby, which has left a mix of emotions, within the Ontario Arrows Rugby Club. His departure marks the end of a career that has had an impact on both our club and the sport as a whole.

Throughout his time with the Ontario Arrows Delaney Walkers journey has been truly inspiring. His numerous achievements and contributions have helped elevate the sport of rugby in our region.

Delaneys presence on the field was known for his prowess and ability to handle pressure with grace. He not brought reassurance to his teammates. Also served as a mentor for young players instilling valuable lessons and fostering an environment of excellence within our club.

Head Coach Michael Baker expressed his gratitude for Delaneys dedication and spirit acknowledging that he was more, than a player but an integral part of the Arrows success. While his absence will be felt deeply his legacy will continue to resonate within our club.
Paying Tribute to His Impact

As Delaney Walker embarks, on adventures the Ontario Arrows express their gratitude and well wishes for his future endeavors. His influence will leave a lasting impression on both upcoming Arrows players serving as an enduring source of inspiration after his retirement.

A special event is in the works to celebrate Delaney’s career and his enduring contributions to rugby. Stay tuned for information about this event, which will be announced soon on our website and social media platforms.

We express our appreciation for Delaneys contributions and unwavering commitment. He will always hold a place, within the Arrows community. We eagerly anticipate commemorating his stellar career alongside all those who have admired and drawn inspiration from his remarkable journey.